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KidRex Pro is an easy new way for children to safely surf the entire  web. KidRex Pro extends the power of KidRex to your child's entire web browsing experience, as opposed to just safe search.

KidRex Pro works by checking the content of every webpage in Chrome, Firefox or Safari, allowing your child to safely experience the entire web, even when not on KidRex.

Products such as Cyber Patrol and Net Nanny only block websites based on a blacklist of bad websites. In addition, services such as KidZui and Yahoo Kids only allow children to access a collection of hand-picked websites, greatly reducing their usefulness.

KidRex Pro's state-of-the-art technology blocks websites based on their content, allowing your child to safely experience the entire web.

While KidRex Pro is not a 100 percent foolproof way to keep kids from bad or malicious sites, we think it's a good start.

To get started using KidRex Pro, simply subscribe via PayPal™ and then install the KidRex Pro Web Browser Add-on. KidRex Pro is good for up to five computers. Try it free for the first month. You may cancel anytime.

KidRex Pro

Free for the first month
Then $4.95 USD for each month

Customer Testimonial

"Very nice product. Purchased KidRex Pro over the weekend for the kid's new computer and coupled with anti-virus software and Firefox, feel comfortable with them searching the web. I spent a ton of time searching and yours was the only one that still allowed my younger kids (6/7) to be able to 'search' (ask questions on the Internet) without having the restriction of being inside a pre-populated web site (like KidZui). Good job developing the product!"
- Michael from Poway, California (6/20/2011)

"Thank you. Great support! You guys really should have a bigger presence; great product *and* customer service!"
- Follow up from Michael (1/24/2012)

If you have any questions or need any help,
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